My Planner Story.

Holidays are approaching, and two weeks from now, we will welcome another year. It’s December of 2018, the season of Christmas carols, puto bumbong and bibingka. Of course, this is also the well-known season of planners, journals, and diaries. Coffee shops are now extending their store hours because people are going crazy collecting stamps for the annual planner.

I was one of those people. I first bought a planner last 2016. I wasn’t so picky then, and crazy. I just wanted one compact notebook with date for my everyday tasks and for jotting down the Verse of the Day from the YouVersion Bible app. I was so contented with that leather pocket diary I had last 2016 because then it was just a typical notebook. People change, right?

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My Season of Failure and Waiting feat. Kris Allen

WARNING: Long narrative…and no. This isn’t about fangirling at all.

I have been a fan of Kris Allen since his top 13 performance in American Idol (I was then rooting hard for Anoop Desai, but hey, I can love you two). And when he won, I got so excited because I knew what was coming next—an album.

I was 12. And I loved it. Then his Thank You Camellia came and I loved it even more. I knew a lot has changed in Kris’ life after—car accident, fatherhood—and it shows a lot in his succeeding albums. I felt weird when I first listened to Horizons (his next album after TYC), because the melodies have changed, and my first thought was “Wow, he’s getting old.” Well, surprise Rach. You’re getting older too.

I’m now turning 21. And just like Kris, I guess I have been through a lot that made me realize how real my adult life has been. It shows a lot in my Spotify playlist! I’ve been drawn to movies’ official soundtracks (OST of The Longest Ride has been my favorite). And I guess if I made my 12-year old self listen to Lord Huron or Kodaline, I’d be shut off.

But I am not 12 anymore. I dig for the lyrics. I enjoy the message more than the rhythm. And lately, I have been failing to find the right songs. So in lieu of sinking to frustration, I decided to listen to comforting ones (Hi, Shawn! I love you).

One night on our way home, I was in control of the music we played in the car. And I was reminded of Kris’ Letting You In album. So I started listening to it again, and I realized it is the perfect album at the right time.

This is the point where we get personal, eh?

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The “New” in New Year

2018 is fast approaching. Tomorrow, people will all go through the hustle and bustle of preparing for the media noche. In my case, our celebration for the upcoming new year is almost a tradition—with annual exchange gifts and parlour games—that everyone is looking forward to January 1 because of the party. Somehow, this makes me want to specify why do we celebrate the new year.

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What Could a Year Do to You?

Cliché as it sounds, there’s nothing truer than the fact that change is inevitable. I think we all know that by now. But even then, we still get frustrated by sudden changes that leads us to finding out what the factors were.

I am not going to talk about what factors change. I am here to talk about time in relation to change.

What could a year do to you?

A year is too much. Every year, you are new. A person you met a year ago might not recognize you now. A friend of yours in High School may even pinpoint that something is different. But how about you, what do you think a year can do to you?

I am to talk about my personal experience, and if the sound of personal doesn’t bore you enough, feel free to continue reading.

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What makes a person a soulmate for someone? Does it mean you have to zing just like how Mavis and Jonathan in Hotel Transylvania did? Does it mean you have to seek a soldier when you are a doctor in profession? I think the extent meaning of soulmate is far deeper than that.

I guess being a soulmate means you feed someone’s soul. You complement them without exerting much of an effort. It doesn’t necessarily mean you supply what the soul starves for, but at least you are a support for the soul while it takes time trying to search for what’s good for itself. Continue reading

A Letter From A Misfit.

We’ll always be a family in the eyes of people and God. We’ll always be a family in papers. We’ll always be a family by blood.

Family. They said family’s the one you could run into when everybody has turned their backs to you. They said family’s the foundation of good manners and right conduct. Family’s home, and home is where you story begins.

I knew it from the moment I became aware of the reality I’m into. I knew it from the moment I have perceived how things are supposed to be with us. I knew it from those family moments, that I never really belonged.

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A Reminder For The Growing, Expanding, and Changing “Me”.

Rachelle Anne,

You live in a crazy world. But your maturity is expanding as you keep growing, and these cause you to change. The joy is not as easy to attain as it was when you were in your childhood, and the burdens you bear as you mature are of greater weight; most of the time, these burdens mislead you from becoming the better version of yourself. I’m pretty sure that the way you deal with what life has thrown upon you plays a huge role in generating your personality. So, I decided to list down multiple reminders and unexpected discoveries I made about you and some other things like career, friendship, studies and relationship. Continue reading


Teenage year is just so complicated. It can actually be more complicated than Math with alphabets. We are the most labeled group in the society. And we were known by these labels more than our names.

Labeling is people’s way of naming a person based on what their eyes could see. Some are good, some are mean. Oftentimes, they’re just a lazy description of a person’s personality. We’re afraid to be labeled by something bad, and as a result, we disregard who we really are for who we should be. We push ourselves to become what society wants us to be. Continue reading