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What makes a person a soulmate for someone? Does it mean you have to zing just like how Mavis and Jonathan in Hotel Transylvania did? Does it mean you have to seek a soldier when you are a doctor in profession? I think the extent meaning of soulmate is far deeper than that.

I guess being a soulmate means you feed someone’s soul. You complement them without exerting much of an effort. It doesn’t necessarily mean you supply what the soul starves for, but at least you are a support for the soul while it takes time trying to search for what’s good for itself.

I am someone who prioritizes appeasing my own soul. I know what I needed – I need a moment of serenity; I need to learn not only how to calm my obstinate wave of thoughts but also how to sail there smoothly when they’re relentless; I need to learn what motivates and disciplines me and how am I going to do that myself – to appreciate my purpose and to satisfy my soul.

I didn’t mean to be with someone who would clear the paths I need to take for me, because these are things I have to do, and the last thing I needed is for someone to become a barrier as I try to seek for what complements my soul. What I do need is someone who would completely understand that I think this deep, and I am complicated, and I need to know each and every purpose of a single act. I need someone whom I won’t have to ask an approval for why I do things and why on my own. I need someone who doesn’t question me for doing this favor for myself.

The aforementioned are my own tasks, and I do not wish to look for someone to share these with, much less someone who hinders. How are we supposed to identify if we’ve found our soulmate? I think we start with knowing that a soulmate doesn’t necessarily mean it must be only one. It could be our best friends, our sisters, our lovers, or even our mom. Then we start figuring out who values what matters to you. Maybe someone you’ve known from your History class cares more about why you eat bananas the way someone would eat their chocolates. Afterwards, we consider who the people who act as our support systems are – people who respect your need of space, silence, and time.

When you found these people, keep them for your own good. Spend more time with them. Appreciate their presence. It doesn’t end with that, though. It’s your responsibility to complement their souls the way they do to you.


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