A Letter From A Misfit.

We’ll always be a family in the eyes of people and God. We’ll always be a family in papers. We’ll always be a family by blood.

Family. They said family’s the one you could run into when everybody has turned their backs to you. They said family’s the foundation of good manners and right conduct. Family’s home, and home is where you story begins.

I knew it from the moment I became aware of the reality I’m into. I knew it from the moment I have perceived how things are supposed to be with us. I knew it from those family moments, that I never really belonged.

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A Reminder For The Growing, Expanding, and Changing “Me”.

Rachelle Anne,

You live in a crazy world. But your maturity is expanding as you keep growing, and these cause you to change. The joy is not as easy to attain as it was when you were in your childhood, and the burdens you bear as you mature are of greater weight; most of the time, these burdens mislead you from becoming the better version of yourself. I’m pretty sure that the way you deal with what life has thrown upon you plays a huge role in generating your personality. So, I decided to list down multiple reminders and unexpected discoveries I made about you and some other things like career, friendship, studies and relationship. Continue reading