My Planner Story.

Holidays are approaching, and two weeks from now, we will welcome another year. It’s December of 2018, the season of Christmas carols, puto bumbong and bibingka. Of course, this is also the well-known season of planners, journals, and diaries. Coffee shops are now extending their store hours because people are going crazy collecting stamps for the annual planner.

I was one of those people. I first bought a planner last 2016. I wasn’t so picky then, and crazy. I just wanted one compact notebook with date for my everyday tasks and for jotting down the Verse of the Day from the YouVersion Bible app. I was so contented with that leather pocket diary I had last 2016 because then it was just a typical notebook. People change, right?

2017,  I was so fascinated with the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal. It was a beautiful one, and the purpose was even better. Every time you claim a Giving Journal, you empower scholars by giving them gift of education through the Real LIFE Foundation, the Giving Journal’s beneficiary since 2011. And since I seldom go to coffee shops 2 years ago, I asked my sister to help me grab one (and hey, who knew that through that I would be discipled? God and His weird, mysterious ways). So she did give me one and in return we must accompany her to church.

2018, I discovered the Certified Positive planner, which encourage you to do your daily devotions and other areas of your life like savings, gratitude corner, daily expenses, etc.. Also, the theme of the said planner for the year 2018 was Love, so it tackles different facets of love (as defined in the Bible) every month. And did I mention that it includes twelve amazing testimonies from people whose life became so much better in Christ?

Going back, I was once bewildered by people who are collecting more than one planner. Wouldn’t one be enough? I thought so myself. But this year, I find myself wanting to have both the Giving Journal and the Certified Positive planner. And I did! I get to claim the Giving Journal 2019 with the help of my friends (and boyfriend), and was able to buy the 2019 Certified Positive planner because of the generosity of my mom.

It was typical of me to delight in any kinds of stationery. But this, though, is not about my love for journals. It was something more. As I aim for these journals, I realized that this time I am wanting to have two because I am reserving it for two areas of my life—personal growth and career growth.


I thought it would make me even more determined to get my hands on these two, but really, it only made me entertain my self-doubt. I was afraid, because what if I fail again? What if everything I am hoping for this year is not going to happen? What if?

To obtain two planners was my act of faith, because I look forward to so much this 2019. And the lies that says I will fail again this year sounded so real that sometimes I believe it and cry in defeat. But today I choose, and I choose I trust God to intervene and make this year a fruitful one for me, especially in my career. I trust Him to not leave me, although sometimes I felt so alone while He seems distant. I trust that His plans are good because He is good, although sometimes it is clothed with pain and suffering. I trust God’s deliverance, despite His repetitive testing until I learn my lesson. Still, I trust God with everything, because if not, what else can I do on my own?

Nothing much or none at all.

So yes. I  owned two planners because I am claiming this year to finally become the year of breakthroughs. I claim this year to become the year of productivity. I claim this year to become the most fruitful year I’ve ever had.

I am ready, not because I am fully equipped, but because I was finally able to lift up all my heart’s deepest desires. I am ready, because the One who writes my future can be trusted, and He loves me too much to leave me in despair. I am ready, because He told me His plans for me is to prosper and to give me hope and a future. He is a promise keeper after all.

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