A Reminder For The Growing, Expanding, and Changing “Me”.

Rachelle Anne,

You live in a crazy world. But your maturity is expanding as you keep growing, and these cause you to change. The joy is not as easy to attain as it was when you were in your childhood, and the burdens you bear as you mature are of greater weight; most of the time, these burdens mislead you from becoming the better version of yourself. I’m pretty sure that the way you deal with what life has thrown upon you plays a huge role in generating your personality. So, I decided to list down multiple reminders and unexpected discoveries I made about you and some other things like career, friendship, studies and relationship.

tumblr_nl5anwiGH31rolyuho1_500You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. The unwanted happenings may have caused you to forget what you really want to do in life. But let me state a brief summary of what you wanted to do when you were 16.
1.) To excel in class.
2.) You have to finish college. You always value your college way too serious when you were in high school because you believe that college is the building block of your future, and all you’ve ever dreamed of is to be successful 7 years from now.
3.) You have to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Yes Rachelle Anne. This is the most important exam you’ll ever take. Pass this exam for the sake of your self-reliance.

Your GPA doesn’t measure the amount of knowledge you gain. Education has been your number 1 priority since you were in your kindergarten. The recognition of your efforts made you happy, but there will come a time where your efforts won’t get an ethical credit. But Rachelle Anne, education is the prize and the acknowledgement is just a bonus. Study because you love to learn, because you’re excited by ideas, because you believe that education is important for its own sake. It is a frustrating thing, when you thought you study hard yet your professor still gave you a disheartening grade. It will discourage you, but I believe that an ember still lives in you and I know that you could turn that ember into a raging flame.

Give up short-term pleasures for long-term rewards. I know that you are young and that affiliates to being reckless. But I also believe that you are a well-read, well-advised, and well-educated lady to know what could be the possible consequences of being impulsive. Make sure you could live with the mess you will make, otherwise don’t do anything stupid.

Allow the line between where you are and where you want to be to inspire you and not terrify you. Two roads diverged through the path of your dreams. One is the path you are certain of, but you hadn’t had the chance to take it unless you wait and try again; and the other says you’re welcome, but you’ve never learned anything from your journey inside. I hope you keep the courage to go back to the start and take the road you are certain is right. I know you are quite in hurry but the erudite is of greater chance to defeat the hasty.

Your achievements will say a lot about you, but so does your attitude. You might be known for what you’ve reach, but you will be remembered by your manners and etiquette.

There’s no certainty in everything. I know that you are well informed that things won’t always go the way you expect it to be, but do not prevent yourself from taking chances because of the risk. Be dauntless enough, and do not be afraid of failing. This is part of life.

God has the greater plans and you must not deceive yourself by your own knowledge. Surrender all your plans to God. Tell Him your dreams and ask for His guidance and if your plans didn’t turn out your way, trust that everything He does is for the better.

Some people will stay, some will leave, and you have to overlook the damage to see the benefit. You’ve lost bunch of people in your life and some people that was once the most special to you has become a total stranger. Do not hate them. Today, you must’ve set your mind that losing people is inevitable. The trick is to move on, and search for the good reason behind.

Deprive the urge for revenge. There are human beings who will violate you physically, mentally and emotionally, but that doesn’t give you the right to violate them back. I’m not asking you to love your enemies because I know that you are a human with a weak heart and that makes you incapable of becoming a martyr. But at the very least my dear, just ignore them. Literally ignore them, for good and for yourself.

Never become the person you are trying to protect yourself from. Release the hatred within you, not necessarily abrupt but gradually. Otherwise, the hate you feel towards others will eat you up and distract you from becoming the better version of yourself.

Leave no space for the people that would threaten the person you want to be. You became the five people you surround yourself with. Choose wisely.

Spare no time for meaningless friendships and absurd relationships. Stop ruining love and friendship by wanting it so bad. You don’t have to be with people you don’t want to be with when you know you have the power to choose. Have the courage to leave the circle you know you don’t belong and go with who makes you feel comfortable. No regrets, for this will give you a chance to be with the right people.

Listen, but choose what to believe. Not every advice you hear is appropriate. Not everything you read is plausible. Chew varied opinions to taste but decide what to swallow.

Pray fervently. Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive. (Matthew 21:22)

Throughout the ups and downs of this grand roller-coaster ride coheres an epic and fruitful learning experience. Keep learning something out of these experiences and never stop making a progress.

Yours, Rachelle Anne

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