My Season of Failure and Waiting feat. Kris Allen

WARNING: Long narrative…and no. This isn’t about fangirling at all.

I have been a fan of Kris Allen since his top 13 performance in American Idol (I was then rooting hard for Anoop Desai, but hey, I can love you two). And when he won, I got so excited because I knew what was coming next—an album.

I was 12. And I loved it. Then his Thank You Camellia came and I loved it even more. I knew a lot has changed in Kris’ life after—car accident, fatherhood—and it shows a lot in his succeeding albums. I felt weird when I first listened to Horizons (his next album after TYC), because the melodies have changed, and my first thought was “Wow, he’s getting old.” Well, surprise Rach. You’re getting older too.

I’m now turning 21. And just like Kris, I guess I have been through a lot that made me realize how real my adult life has been. It shows a lot in my Spotify playlist! I’ve been drawn to movies’ official soundtracks (OST of The Longest Ride has been my favorite). And I guess if I made my 12-year old self listen to Lord Huron or Kodaline, I’d be shut off.

But I am not 12 anymore. I dig for the lyrics. I enjoy the message more than the rhythm. And lately, I have been failing to find the right songs. So in lieu of sinking to frustration, I decided to listen to comforting ones (Hi, Shawn! I love you).

One night on our way home, I was in control of the music we played in the car. And I was reminded of Kris’ Letting You In album. So I started listening to it again, and I realized it is the perfect album at the right time.

This is the point where we get personal, eh?

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