A Letter From A Misfit.

We’ll always be a family in the eyes of people and God. We’ll always be a family in papers. We’ll always be a family by blood.

Family. They said family’s the one you could run into when everybody has turned their backs to you. They said family’s the foundation of good manners and right conduct. Family’s home, and home is where you story begins.

I knew it from the moment I became aware of the reality I’m into. I knew it from the moment I have perceived how things are supposed to be with us. I knew it from those family moments, that I never really belonged.

All of you thinks novels are boring, but I find peace in them. You loved the shining of the moon, I loved the starry sky. You hated the rain, but I am a storm.

I’ve always been trying to blend in, but I never fitted. I know you tried to understand my world, but who could have fathom a galaxy? I tried to talk, but I’m lost in translation. You think you’ve climbed high enough to reach my feelings, but they were actually buried deep.

Your blood runs through my veins and they’ve always touched my heart. But why does your love never existed in my genes and be all over me? What I have in me are in you, what consists of me are part of you. How come I was never a piece needed to complete your puzzle? I’m 5’3″ tall but was never seen. You couldn’t decode my language when all I really wanted is to be cared about.

Was it because of my divergence that made you think my say doesn’t make sense? Does my discrepancy held you from trying harder to understand me? Was it really because of me or your unwillingness to do so?

Someday I’ll find my acceptance. For now I couldn’t refrain from hoping you would have noticed. I really wish you would have noticed. But in time, I will find a place where I belong.

Will I ever matter?

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