The “New” in New Year

2018 is fast approaching. Tomorrow, people will all go through the hustle and bustle of preparing for the media noche. In my case, our celebration for the upcoming new year is almost a tradition—with annual exchange gifts and parlour games—that everyone is looking forward to January 1 because of the party. Somehow, this makes me want to specify why do we celebrate the new year.

  • The season of resolutions. Most people (myself included) find the beginning of the year as the best time for some changes – habits, attitude, lifestyle, etc. This year, I will get fit. This year, I will never come to school/work late. This year, I will save money.
  • New year, new you. For people with a rough year, the new year means a fresh beginning. Best time to start over again.
  • A brand new year fills the people with a brand new hope. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this year is my break. Maybe this year will better than last year.

       These were once my reason for celebrating the new year. It is as if I am leaving all the bad memories behind the moment the new year approaches, like my messed up self will be left in 2017, and I am a new person on 2018. But, with help of some people and some experiences, I realized that a) the best time for resolutions is today. The moment you thought of change, is the best time to change. The drive is there, your reasons for it are clear, the determination is at peak; b) a new beginning will not be based on the date, but on your perspective. Tomorrow is brand new per se. The sun rises again to remind you that you are blessed with another 24 hours to live. And no matter how unbearable your day might become, you have the certainty that the sun will set and the day will end. Then tomorrow, you start a day again. You don’t have to wait for another 365 days for a new beginning, because you don’t have to begin again and again. You need to start, and by start I mean you have to buckle down, take the plunge, and move ahead; and c) a brand new hope starts with being at peace with God. You are given enough strength only for today, but you are secured, for His grace is new every morning. Not every week, not every month, not every year, but every morning.

Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything’s possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time. (Marie Lu, Legend)

     Perhaps we are not meant to do all the changes on January 1. Maybe, we don’t have to restart all in abrupt. Instead, I think it is more effective to initiate new patterns every day, piece by piece, little by little. After all, a day can do just as much to you as a year could 😉

     So what do we celebrate? All the things we have endured, all the goals we have achieved, all the new friendships, and everything else that made us who we are now.

     And of course, the successful revolution of Earth on its orbit. Kidding.

But seriously.

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