Work in Progress

Are you tired of the life you are living? Fed up with all the problems you keep on receiving? Do you feel like quitting already? Listen.
Failures and sorrows are examples of what makes life unbearable. But, what you have to do is see life on a different perspective. “Look for the bright side,” easy to say, right? Easy to say when your day goes bright. But when you are the one who’s experiencing the rain, it’s indeed hard to look for the light when the storm clouds are darkening your sky.

I say, look not for the bright side, but for the positive purposes. Continue reading

To those who says no to Neverland.

Have you ever felt the urge to grow up? Like, you want to add 10 years in your age at this very moment? You want to grow up in a way you see your youth as interference in fulfilling your dreams and plans?

Right now, I’m pretty sure most of us are already in the midst of preparing the blueprints of our future. And in the moment we make our plans, we get so excited that we start wishing we’re grown ups. Continue reading